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(Note: FILE Megazine, listed below, was published by Art Official Inc. in varying edition sizes ranging from 1,500 to 3,500 copies)


The Smell of Burnt Rubber, Digital printing, 16pp., edition of 150; Media Guru Zine #10, Berlin, Germany


After General Idea, spot color printing with silkscreened board cover, 50pp., edition of 40; Three Star Books, Paris, France


XXX Voto (to the Spirit of Miss General Idea), offset, 128 pp. plus cover, edition of 900; Galerie René Blouin, Montreal and S. L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto, Canada


The Sequel: Shut the Fuck Up, (boxed hard-cover book with text and a VHS video in PAL and NTSC formats); edition of 8, plus 1 A/P; Stampa Galerie, Basel, Switzerland


General Idea: The AIDS Project, The Gershon Iskowitz Foundation, Toronto, Canada, three editions comprising:
a) insert for C Magazine, Toronto, Canada (Issue #22, Summer 1989), offset, 12 pp. plus cover; b) edition of about 100 offprints of the above insert; and, c) edition of 1,000 pamphlets, with additional text by Allan Schwartzman, offset, 28 pp. plus cover. FILE Megazine ("Final Issue," #29, 1989)


AIDS: The Public and Private Domains of the Miss General Idea Pavillion, offset, 12 pp. plus cover, edition of 1000; Artspace, San Francisco, USA
Test Pattern: TV Dinner Plates from the Miss General Idea Pavillion (contains 5 paper tear-out "placemats," with text by Mary Anne Staniszewski and produced for the exhibition of the same name), edition size unknown; SPIRAL, Wacoal Art Center, Tokyo, Japan


FILE Megazine ("The Journal of the New Mortality," #27, Spring 1987)
FILE Megazine ("The Journal of the New Art Market," #28, 1987)


FILE Megazine ("Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll," #25, 1986)
FILE Megazine ("Xmas 1986," #26, 1986)


FILE Megazine ("Diane Frankenstein," Vol. 6, #3, 1985)


Marital Triangles: A Psychological Presentation of Extra-Marital Affairs, found offset with postcard mounted on cover, 32 pp. plus cover, edition of 6; self-published
FILE Megazine ("General Idea's 1984 and the 1968-1984 FILE Retrospective," Vol. 6, #1/2, 1984)


FILE Megazine ("Mondo Cane Kama Sutra," Vol. 5, #4, 1983)


FILE Megazine ("X Ray Sex," Vol. 5, #3, spring 1982)


FILE Megazine ("Special $ucce$$ Issue," Vol. 5, #1, March 1981), with insert by the League of Gentlemen
FILE Megazine ("The Rematerialization of the Art Object," Vol. 5, #2, fall 1981)


The Getting into the Spirits Cocktail Book from the 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion, Offset, 64 pp. plus cover; two versions:
a) edition of 900 with hot-stamped black linen cover and, b) edition of 60 with paper cover and colour photo tipped in and which was included in the multiple, "Magic Palette"; self-published FILE Megazine ("Special Global Downtown Issue," Vol. 4, #3, summer 1980)
FILE Megazine ("Foreign Agents," Vol. 4, #4, fall 1980)


FILE Megazine ("Special Transgressions Issue," Vol. 4, #2, fall 1979)


General Idea: Ménage à Trois, offset, 24 pp. plus cover, edition of 500; Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada
Bound to Please: FILE Megazine 1972-1975 (contains Vol. 1, #1 to Vol. 3, #1 of FILE), edition of 30; self-published
FILE Megazine ("1984: A Year in Pictures," Vol. 4, #1, summer 1978)


S/HE: The 1984 Miss General Idea Pageant No. 102, offset, 12 pp. plus cover, edition of 500; self-published
Reconstructing Futures, offset, 24 pp. plus cover, edition size unknown; self-published
FILE Megazine ("Special People Issue," Vol.3, #3, spring 1977)
FILE Megazine ("Punk Rock Issue," Vol. 3, #4, fall 1977)


FILE Megazine ("New York City Edition," Vol. 3, #2, Spring 1976)
General Idea: Search for the Spirit, offset, 12 pp. plus cover, edition size unknown; Galerie Gaetan, Geneva, Switzerland


FILE Megazine ("Glamour Issue," Vol. 3, #1, autumn 1975), with 8-page tabloid insert by Image Bank. There are variants (from 1977) in which "High Profile" silkscreened on the cover.
Victor Coleman (Vic d’Or), ed. and AA Bronson, "Mondo Artie Episode No. 1681", Issue of IS, No. 17 (fall 1975)


FILE Megazine ("Annual Artists' Directory," Vol. 2, #5, February 1974), with flexidisk insert by the Residents


Luxon V.B.: The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion No. 101, edition of 500; self-published
FILE Megazine ("Special Double Issue," Vol. 2, #1/2, May 1973), with offset insert by Image Bank
FILE Megazine ("IFEL Issue," Vol. 2, #3, September 1973)
FILE Megazine ("(Mondo Nudo Issue," Vol. 2, #4, December 1973)


FILE Megazine (Vol. 1, #1, April 15, 1972), with offset insert by Dana Atchley
FILE Megazine (Vol. 1, #2/3, May/June 1972)
FILE Megazine (Vol. 1, #4, December 1972)
"Fumeti" (collaboration with Victor Coleman and Dennis Young), in Open Letter, 2nd series, no. 2 (summer 1972)


Shoe Journal (Jorge Zontal), (Issue # 5 of Snore Comix), offset, 64 pp. plus cover, edition of 100; Coach House Press, Toronto, Canada
The 1970 Miss General Idea Pageant, offset, 12 pp. plus cover, edition of approximately 50; self-published
The 1971 Miss General Idea Pageant Programme, offset, 16 pp. plus cover, edition size unknown (max. 500); self-published
Manipulating the Self, offset, 20 pp. plus cover, edition of 500; Coach House Press,Toronto, Canada